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District Message


Our parent portal, txConnect serves as a portal to your child’s success! By acquiring a txConnect account, you will be able to view your child(ren)’s grades and attendance.

  • The application process is simple and self-administered. Instructions are listed below. Once you have successfully created an account and added at least one child, you can subscribe to automatic alerts for absences & tardies, grades and missing assignments! txConnect is a great way to stay informed.
  • Please contact your campus office if you have not received your login information.






Accelerated Instruction Plan


In order to reach our Academic goals, the District has an Accelerated Instruction Plan.  Our Accelerated Instruction mandates: Any student whose academic performance is consistently unsatisfactory (70 or below), does not meet state mandated requirements or who fails any subject area test will be required to participate in Accelerated Instruction.  Accelerated Instruction shall be designed to enable the struggling student to perform at grade level.  Furthermore, students who are required to participate in any Accele